Sunday, September 24, 2006

My Trip to Auburn, Nebraska

Nebraska, home of the Huskers... I just spent 4 days in Nebraska looking at corn and bean crops with every turn of my head. This was a very "different" experience for me. I'm definitely a city-girl compared to the way they live in Auburn.

I fed some pigs, ,I chased some turkeys, I was stampeded by some cows, ,
and I rode not just one, but two combines. And I didn't just ride in them, I actually DROVE them! I have a job waiting for me if I ever decide Dallas and Real Estate isn't for me anymore.
Each time someone would tell me that I needed to see a combine, I would think to myself, why do I need to see someones trash, as I was thinking "compost". A combine is definitely not a compost!! I rode an 11 ton, green John Deere, and a HUGE red one, , and I don't remember the brand of that one, but it wasn't John Deere. For those farmers out there, it was an 8 head thinga-ma-bobber.

Of course it rained the day we decided to go to the family farms, so it wasn't the cleanest experience, and my truck is filthy! I think the grossest (most gross?) part was when the nasty pigs where eating out of my hand.


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