Saturday, September 16, 2006

Two Seasons- Hot and Cold

Many people say that Texas only has two seasons, Summer and Winter. I would like to change that answer to just plain Hot and Cold. We made it to #7 of all time for the hottest summer with 44 days over 100 degrees. Then, I wake up a couple of mornings ago and I had to wear a sweatshirt to walk the dog. What a major change from waking up to 85 degree weather and not wanting to walk the dog unless it was before 7:30 am.

I'm going to Nebraska next week to visit my Husband's grandparents and I was told today that the temps will be in the 50's!! What a way to get sick; going from hot to cold to hot without getting there gradually.

We are in a drought like I mentioned in my previous post. The weather people keep teasing us saying it's supposed to rain, but I haven't felt any rain drops yet. The only thing I've felt has been the heavy humidity.

Even though I needed a sweatshirt a couple of mornings ago, it's still been up in the 90's during the day, so we're still in the "Hot" season... I like sweaters and I like being able to wear layers so I can't wait for the Cold season!


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