Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Time Management- Bathroom Breaks

I've read lots about Time Management, and I've taken a couple of classes that also talk about scheduling and learning to manage your time. My problem with all this information is that I've never seen or heard anything about how to schedule in Bathroom Breaks!

Bathroom Breaks are very important, and sometimes I'll have to go for a couple of hours before finding 30 seconds to "sit down." It's not good for your bladder or your kidneys. What's funny is that I'm typing this because I've been trying to get to the bathroom for over an hour now, but emails keep coming in or the phone keeps ringing and then I have to follow up with others when I get off the phone that requires more information. So, instead of getting up and going, since I now had 2 minutes to spear, I decided to type this out with my foot tapping.

It's a fierce circle throughout the day, and I drink A LOT of water!!

Does anyone have any tricks on working bathroom breaks into your busy schedules? This is just another sacrafice I make for great customer service to my clients!


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