Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Dallas Real Estate- Fastest Growing Small Communities

When people think of Texas, they think of Dallas (1.2 million people), Fort Worth (624,000 people), Houston (2+ million people), Austin (690,000 people), and San Antonio (1.3 million people) which are the 5 largest Texas cities across the state.

However, people forget about the smaller cities. They forget about them because we don't really give them their own identity as we group them into the larger city. Below is a list of the top 11 faster growing smaller cities in Texas. Fate, Little Elm, Murphy, and Frisco are all considered "Dallas". Hutto, Kyle, Bee Cave, and Leander are all considered "Austin". In the great state of Texas, the metro areas are so large, that they encompass large areas. The population of the "City of Dallas" might only be around 1.2 million people, but the entire Dallas Metroplex, with all its little communities, has over 4 million people.

Fastest Growing Small Texas Communities 2000-2005

Hutto- 492%
Fate- 406%
Little Elm- 365%
Murphy- 255%
Kyle- 233%
Selma- 175%
Cibola- 155%
Bee Cave- 135%
Roman Forest- 133%
Leander- 129%
Frisco- 110%


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