Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Service for Writing Real Estate Offers

Are agents really getting this lazy? I just received an email from a lady who started a new service where you can call in and register your buyer and when you're ready to write up an offer, you call them and they write it for you and send it to your buyer to sign. They do offer you the opportunity to fill out a blank contract first so they'll have all your stock information and typical wording in the Special Provisions section, but besides that, you just go blank by blank in the contract and they fill it out for you.

Gimme a break! How lazy are agents these days! It would take me longer to go over each and every blank in the contract with someone than it would for me to pull up the contract and addendums myself and hit the tab key going from blank to blank.
I laughed at the fees. It's $25 for the one-time set up fee per agent. And then it's a $10 fee plus $1 per page for the offer to be written. A typical offer is 8 pages for the main contract, 2 pages for the financing, 1 page for the lead based paint, 1 page for the home owner's association page, and various other addendum depending on the house like lease backs and contigent upon sale of another property. With a typical offer, that would equal $22 for someone else to write the offer for you...



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